Active Rehab/Kinesiology

Active Rehab program along with Physiotherapy is a guided exercise program designed for the patients. The program is supervised by Physiotherapists or Kinesiologists. The aim of the exercise program is to restore the optimal function, strength, and endurance of the patient to their pre-injury levels.

The way program works is by starting with a detailed physical functional assessment. The physical assessment includes but is not limited to

Pre-MVA baseline

Patient-specific physical limitations

Range of motion

Muscle strength,

Activity tolerance

Work-related job demands

The next step is to develop an exercise program specific to address the needs of the patient. The patients do the designed program under the supervision of Physiotherapists or Kinesiologists. Patients do Active Rehab Active 1-3/week depending upon their condition. Supervising Physiotherapists or Kinesiologists also provide home exercise programs to patients when not coming for the treatment. The goal of the program is to make the patient independent to carry out the exercise of their own with minimal supervision. The road to recovery is not always smooth. An active rehab program can significantly improve the outcome of the recovery for patients involved in MVA and other injuries.

Another important role program plays is by providing necessary tools and education to manage symptoms independently. To book your appointment please feel free to contact us or book online.

Active Rehab
Active Rehab